Smith Trace Helmet: A Premium Lightweight Helmet Packed with Safety Features

This summer, I fell in love with Smith Helmets. In May, I wrote about the Smith Express MIPS Helmet. With its fun shape, integrated light, and comfortable fit, it became my go-to helmet for the summer. I tested and wrote about other helmets of course, but I always gravitated back toward my Smith helmet when heading out the door. I wanted to explore another helmet by Smith to see if the brand had it in them to create a helmet just as wonderful as my Express MIPS. I landed on a Smith helmet that price-wise, is significantly higher than my beloved Express to see what it could provide. Now my Smith Express MIPS helmet has a true competitor that has been added to my collection: the Smith Trace Helmet.

The Smith Trace Helmet Review

Smith Trace Helmet in Matte Hibiscus/Black/Teal

The Smith Trace Helmet is one of the spendier helmets in the Smith line at $250, but it offers safety and convenience upgrades that back up its price. This helmet offers 15 colors/patterns and some of the options are rather unique (and sell out quickly). Check out REI’s selection if your color is out of stock through the Smith website. The helmet weighs 10 ounces and comes in small-large (51cm-62cm) sizes. Smith recommends sizing up if you are on the border of a size because the adjustable dial will allow you to still create a snug fit.

Increased Safety Features – Great for Ebikers!

Due the higher speeds ebikes can reach superior brain protection is necessary. Smith Optics states the design has an ‘Integrated skeletal structure that creates a roll cage for added strength and impact protection’. Additionally, the Smith Trace Helmet offers MIPS technology and meets two safety certifications: CPSC and CE EN 1078.

BUT WAIT, there’s more! The Smith Trace helmet has complete Koroyd coverage -lightweight, energy-absorbing protection. You can learn more about Koroyd protection here. In short, Koroyd is protection using welded tubes designed to crumple instantly on impact to minimize impact to your head. Because of this technology the helmet is both lightweight and offers great airflow – more on that later. Simply put, the Smith Trace helmet is loaded when it comes to safety features, which is perfect for ebikers.

Convenience Features – No Sweaty Heads or Fogged Up Glasses!

Smith Trace Sunglasses Storage Channels

As much as I love my Smith Express MIPS helmet, the ventilation of the Smith Trace helmet far surpasses it. The wonderful airflow the Trace offers is the closest feeling to not wearing a helmet as you can get. Seriously. The breeze you feel through the middle top vents is phenomenal. Smith also uses their AirEvac ventilation system to help keep your sunglasses from fogging up. I live in a humid climate, so this is a wonderful feature!

The storage channels on the Smith Trace helmet allow you to stash your sunglasses on the back. I do not have Smith sunglasses, and the channels still work fine.

One item to note: the Smith Trace helmet does not come with a visor nor is it designed to have an attached visor. This is not a problem for me, but an item to take into consideration when purchasing.

Smith Trace Helmet: Concluding Thoughts

Because of the wonderful experience I have had using Smith products, I regard the Smith as a maker of high-quality, comfortable biking gear. Smith is at the top of my list of recommendations when it comes to ebike helmets. The Smith Trace offers superior head protection and airflow comfort that every ebiker will love. With the fun patterns and colors, you will easily be able to find your next favorite helmet in the Smith Trace.