Rad Power Bikes Releases Limited Edition Forest Green RadRover

Rad Power Bikes has been known to experiment as of late with limited editions and new colors. It started with the RadRunner Plus which was originally released as a limited edition ebike. According to Rad the RadRunner Plus is here to stay. When Rad Power Bikes announced the RadWagon 4 it too released with a limited edition black (check out my RadWagon 4 review video). As of today there is no mention of the RadWagon 4 in black being a limited edition colorway.

Now Rad Power Bikes is offering one of their most popular ebikes (the one that started it all), the RadRover in Forest Green. The Forest Green color was first seen on the affordable RadRunner. The custom colored limited edition RadRover is slated to ship in early November. Just in time for the hunting season in some areas. Note that the forest green color is only offered on the high-step model, not on the step-thru model released in early 2020.

I am personally a fan of the color, but what I’m most excited about is when the RadRover model gets refreshed. If history is any indication we will hear of new features in January 2021. With the forest green limited edition Rad also shared the promo video below.

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