Lectric XPeak vs Aventon Aventure.2: The Ultimate Fat Tire Ebike Showdown

Two heavyweight contenders roll up in the fat-tire, off-road ebike scramble. The folks at Aventon and Lectric have both brought powerful fat tire machines to market in the form of the Aventure.2 and XPeak, respectively. Our reviews are a great resource in addition to our detailed comparison below.

Lectric has a reputation for value-driven ebikes and they have surpassed themselves with the $1299 pricetag on the feature-packed XPeak. Aventon’s Aventure.2 rings in at $1799 for a finely tuned ebike with quality components.

Fat tire ebikes go head to head

Key Takeaways – ISO Standard, Assembly and Local Support

Notably, Lectric has certified the XPeak with the ISO 4210-10 MTB quality standard, unheard of at this price point. Why is this important? Well, it depends what kind of terrain you want to tackle but those who plan to take the XPeak on trails will have extra confidence with this certification.

What is ISO 4210-10?

ISO 4210-10 is a specific part of the ISO 4210 standard which focuses on the safety requirements for electric mountain bikes (eMTBs). This section of the standard outlines the requirements and testing methods to ensure the safety and performance of eMTBs. It covers aspects such as the durability of frames and forks, the reliability of the electrical system, braking performance, and overall stability. The goal of ISO 4210-10 is to establish a uniform benchmark for the quality and safety of electric mountain bikes, ensuring they are suitable for their intended use and providing consumers with confidence in their purchase.

Assembly and Local vs Online Support

Out of the box, the Lectric XPeak takes a lead as it arrives almost fully assembled, with a well-designed and built thru-axel and quick release pedals. This allows the XPeak to be easily assembled: simply screw in the axle, attach the pedals and you’re good to go. After a safety check of course!

An advantage of Aventon’s Aventure.2 is it is available at bike shops – with option to test ride and in-person support – as well as direct to consumer. For those who want to pick up their fat tire ebike fully assembled by a professional, this is a huge win. Lectric in comparison is known for their fantastic customer support but you’ll need to call, email, or chat with them if you need assistance.

Power Points: Display, Motor and Battery

All electronic components on each model are tested to achieve the UL2849 certification. Although the XPeak has a slightly smaller 48V 14Ah battery, it has a superb 1310W peak rear hub motor (750 watt nominal), up to 400% quieter with its Stealth M24 technology. 

Similarly, the brushless hub motor on the Aventure.2 is 750 watts nominal but peaks at just 1130W. Aventon does boast a 60 mile range on a single charge of its 48V 15Ah battery in its “eco” pedal assist mode. However, its efficient torque sensor sets this ebike apart, where pedal assist power is attuned to human pedal effort.

User friendly displays are easier on the eye

The XPeak counters with Lectric’s PWR controller, boosting human power with an amp – rather than speed-based – system, smoothing out less expensive cadence sensors. Still, the cadence sensor on the XPeak engages simply whether you’re pedaling or not pedaling, giving power depending on the pedal assist level chosen. This, all while giving you a nice ramp of power rather than rocketing you up to a specific speed tied to a specific pedal assist level.

The torque vs cadence sensor debate is a longstanding one with passionate riders in each camp. Generally, you may find you have to work harder, and put more pedal effort in to reach the higher top speeds on the Aventure.2 compared to the XPeak.

Both models can be adjusted up to Class 3 speeds of 28mph, as well as Class 2 of up to 20mph (pedal assist or throttle), according to laws. On each model, you’ll find a thumb throttle though it’s on the left on the Aventure and the right on the XPeak.

Aventon also has great app connectivity, where speeds can be modified. The Aventure.2 uses its information-rich BC280-colored LCD display complete with USB port for charging your device. The XPeak display is monochrome but is a very user-friendly size and design.

Component Comparison

180 mm rotors and reliable hydraulic disk brakes feature on both, though the Aventure.2 has a branded Tektro set. And the Aventon ebike has 8 gears over Lectric’s 7, both from Shimano though the Aventon has better parts here, highlighted in the table below.

A win on the XPeak is its mighty RST Renegade front fork suspension as standard, offering 80mm in travel for what would usually cost an extra $400. This component was a necessity for Lectric to achieve the ISO standard and it’s something Lectric could only make happen on such an affordable ebike due to its scale.

Shapes and Extras

These ebikes are offered in high step and step-thru versions. The XPeak high-step is sleek black, the step-thru pristine white. The Aventure.2 also has Regular and Large size options for each frame-shape though in reality, it’s just the seatpost length that differs. The traditional high step, colored in Camouflage or Slate, the step-thru in Midnight or Cobalt.

For pre-orders, Lectric offers an exceptionally generous range of accessories, valued at around $400 including front and rear baskets, rear rack, fenders, Elite headlight, and lock.

Aventon includes metal fenders and a rear rack with integrated front and rear lights, which also function as turn signals. The finish on Aventon ebikes is also unmatched, with smooth welds across the ebike providing a premium look.

Specs stacked up

SpecificationLectric XPeakAventon Aventure.2
Price ($)$1,299$1,799
Motor Power750 watt nominal/1310 watt peak750 watt nominal/1130 watt peak
Top Speed28 mph28 mph
Motor engagementCadence sensorTorque sensor
Weight Limit330lbs400lbs
Battery Range (miles)up to 55 milesup to 60 miles
Battery Capacity14Ah15Ah
Charge Timeup to 7 hours (2 amp charger)up to 5 hours (3 amp charger)
Wheel Size26″x4″26″x4″
Frame MaterialAluminum AlloyAluminum Alloy
BrakesNutt Hydraulic Disc w/ 180mm rotorsTektro Hydraulic Disc w/ 180mm rotors
SuspensionRST Renegade Suspension Fork with 80mm travel, with lockoutZoom Suspension Fork with 80mm travel, with lockout
TiresChao Yang, 26″x4″Innova, 26″x4″
Gears11-28T, 7-Speed12-32T, 8 Speed
DerailleurShimano TourneyShimano Altus
ShifterShimano Thumb ShifterShimano Trigger Shifter
Front Chainring46T48T
ThrottleRight-hand thumb throttleLeft-hand thumb throttle
Display TypeLarge LCD, 5-levels of assistColor Smart LCD with App connectivity, 4-levels of assist
Included ExtrasAt launch only: rear rack, plastic fenders, lock, Elite Headlight and cargo packageIntegrated Lights w/ turn signals, Metal Fenders, Rear Rack
Dust and water-resistant (explainer)IP-65IP-X4
AxleThru-axleBolt-on axle

Final Recommendation: Which ebike Wins?

Choosing between the Lectric XPeak and the Aventon Aventure.2 ultimately depends on your specific needs, preferences, and budget. The following breakdown should help guide your decision:

Lectric XPeak: The Budget-Friendly Adventurer

  • Ideal for: Riders seeking a budget-conscious option without sacrificing essential features for adventure riding.
  • Strengths: Affordability, robust build for off-road, user-friendly interface, easy assembly.
  • Consider if: You’re looking for a reliable ebike for adventure purposes without a hefty price tag.

Aventon Aventure.2: The Tech-Forward Trailblazer

  • Ideal for: Riders who prioritize advanced features, technological integration, clean looks, local support, and the feel of a torque sensor
  • Strengths: Advanced tech features with app integration, cool brake lights, clean welds, 1000+ dealers, natural riding experience
  • Consider if: You’re willing to invest in a higher-end ebike that offers a luxurious and more natural riding experience.

The Verdict

For Adventure on a Budget: Choose the Lectric XPeak if your focus is on affordability, easy self-assembly, and solid performance for off-road adventures.
For Local Support and a Natural Ride: Opt for the Aventon Aventure.2 if you value smooth welds, advanced technology with torque sensor, and having a local shop for sales and service.

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