Ride1Up Product Updates: LMT’D Step-Through and New Colors

Ride1Up offers some of the most affordable electric bikes on the market today, all without compromising on a quality product. Earlier this summer when I spoke to Ride1Up CEO Kevin Duggar he mentioned that eventually all models would be offered in a step-through variation. Ride1Up recently shared that the LMT’D, an ebike I reviewed extensively was now available in a step-through. Not surprisingly, it looks very similar to the Core-5 Step Through. The LMT’D is now offered in two color variations: midnight gray and sand/brown.

Ride1Up now offers step-through variations for the 500 series, 700 series, Core-5 and LMT’D ebikes. These step-through models also feature swept-back handlebars. It’s important to be aware that step-through frames are not as rigid as standard frames. However, many prefer the more comfortable riding position. Friends and family that have tested out the Core-5 step-through that I am reviewing have appreciated the accessibility of the low step frame.

Ride1Up has also introduced new color options for the ultra-lightweight Roadster V2 (read my review here). This stealthy belt-drive ebike costs just $995. It is now offered in burgundy, black, and white.

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